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Innoviz Technologies Partners with Drive Group to Implement Bridge Collision Detection Solution on Highways Tunnels and Bridges, Click here to read more.

 June 13, 2023  in 


Innovis Technologies Ltd. has recently announced that it has partnered with Drive Group, a prominent toll road operator in Israel, to implement its innovative Bridge Collision Detection solution on highways, tunnels, and bridges throughout the country. With the help of data collected from Innoviz LiDAR sensors situated on both sides of a highway, several kilometers ahead of a bridge or tunnel entrance, the solution establishes a safe operating zone and identifies vehicles with heights or widths exceeding predefined ranges set by the road operator. In the event of an identified risk, the system can alert local authorities, enabling them to intervene and prevent potential collisions. This groundbreaking solution has the potential to reduce bridge and tunnel collisions worldwide, saving lives, preventing costly infrastructure damage, and mitigating severe traffic congestion. This collaboration is yet another testament to Innoviz’s ongoing success in Smart City and connected infrastructure applications worldwide. Today’s date is June 13, 2023.

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